Do you live in jeans? Of course, you do!

11th Jan 2020

Do you live in jeans? Of course, you do!

Happy New Year!

Hope 2020 is starting off acting right for you. If not, we've got plenty time to turn it around. Thanks as always for letting me into your inbox :) Now I know Winter officially started back in December but I'm starting off this year with giving you some blue jean pairing ideas. Because I'm in Ohio and it's super cold, when I'm not at the 8 to 5 (no freebie lunch break) I'm in jeans. I actually found some great curvy high-waist ones from Macy's. Yes!

What do you wear with your favorite blue (or black) jeans?

Try a cozy textured sweater. You'll be warm yet cute. Noticeable but not flashy. This sweater is from handcrafted clothing designer, GUDWKND.

Blue jeans can be paired with anything and so can black booties. So blue jeans + black booties = super easy outfit. High heel or low heel black booties are always cute.

Cold weather means you need a coat. How about a duster coat? Long and stylist to protect you from those windy days and night around the city or the 'burbs.

Lastly, my favorite fashion girl in the world, Kelly Rowland. The perfect contrast to a nice blue pair of jeans. A bomb leather jacket.