I like self-care and I like to get things done

1st Mar 2019

I like self-care and I like to get things done

Sewing, while the essence of my business, started out as a hobby. I started with pot holders that I couldn’t use because the polyester fabric and oven temps don’t go together. One of my favorite things that I made, back in 2015, was a deep conditioning cap with flax seeds. I can heat it up in the microwave and give my scalp and hair a nice treatment. That is one of my forms of self-care.

Another one of my favorite forms of self-care is checking things off my to-do list. When I was rebranding my to-do list was about 20 items long. Well, the one on my phone was. I also had a to-do list in my notebook and a random piece of paper in my bag. My favorite app for this is Google Keep. It even has checkboxes to give to the sense of accomplishment as you tap and it grays out and crosses things off your list. There’s a sense of satisfaction of knowing I was an adult.

Do you have productive self-care rituals? Need one? Just because it’s called self-care doesn’t mean you can’t be checking things off your physical or mental to-do list.

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