What's so different?

12th Feb 2019

What's so different?

Most of the 86 & Norman product line will look familiar if you’ve been following me since the Double Clutched days. The simple fold over clutch has been a product since opening. I’ve changed how I’ve placed the faux leather accents and improved how I added in the zipper but she’s still the perfect roomy simple clutch.

The double zip clutch was a new addition in the Fall of 2017. I wanted to keep the simple clutch but add another that had a few more features for those who want to carry a little more when they go out. She still has her large main compartment and back zip pocket. For 2019, the double zip clutch will be available as a separate crossbody bag with an adjustable faux leather strap. The strap is also removable just in case you don’t need it for night.

Another Double Clutched original has stay with the rebrand and that’s the bi-fold wallet. Still simple, slim, but able to hold several cards and cash.

Lastly, the completely new addition is the updated wristlet. I think I’ve had at least 3 different iterations of a wristlet in the product line. But I finally found one I can completely jive with. A super accessible front pocket, an inside pocket, and my favorite feature, the back hand strap that allows you to carry the wristlet to complete different ways.

I’m always on the look out for new items to add to the product line. Trust me, these four items won’t be all you see this year.

There’s something else different about 86 & Norman. For each release throughout the year, every item will be made in each of 4-5 handpicked prints. Each item-print combination will be a limited availability. Once that item-print combination is sold out, it’s sold out. It may return in a future release but is not guaranteed. That’s better for you because I can tell you 25 other people won’t have your bag. And it’s better for me to be able to streamline my prints to offer a wider variety of types of items with the carefully curated options for prints. Plus have you ever been to a donut shop with 50 flavors and leave with a coffee because you couldn’t choose one flavor. Yes, I thought so lol.

Now let’s go shopping!