Why the change?

7th Feb 2019

Why the change?

In the late Summer, early Fall of 2018 I started looking into trademarking the name Double Clutched during the time I was taking a branding class. Now why didn’t I trademark Double Clutched back when I started in 2015? Simple. It’s not free lol. Anywho, during my trademark search I found exactly what I didn’t want to find and that was that someone else was in the process for trademarking “clutched” and like a cherry on top (which isn’t good because I don’t like cherries) that person also made well…clutches.

The first action was to fight it. After some thought, talking to a lawyer and some sleep I decide then would be the perfect time to totally rebrand. New name, more narrow focus on the types of products and the kinds of fabrics, and a deeper connection with customers.

This time however I’d do the work trademarking my business name, so this doesn’t happen again. Several, and I mean several, brainstorming session later, while combing through the USPTO database, 86 & Norman was decided as the new name.

I’ll admit that during this process a few light bulbs went off. 1) Trademark searching isn’t cut and dry. 2) I wasn’t as connect to the name “Double Clutched” as much as I thought I was and 3) Clutched, and different version of the word, is a pretty popular name for accessories business that sell clutches (for obvious reasons).

86 & Norman hold a special significance to me. 86 is the year I was born (go head, do the math lol). Norman is for Norman Ave. It’s the street my aunt’s house was on growing up where I spent a lot of time with my cousins, and where family Christmas was at for a long time.

It’s not 1986 and my aunt doesn’t live on Norman anymore, but my upbringing is large part of why I am where I am today.

Now let me go make some beautiful bags! 

- Cheryl, Owner